Thursday, 3 May 2018

Don Bosco Radio Nigeria Akure Studio..youth in service

Festival and training at don Bosco Onitsha

Practical training salesian at a meeting in Lagos

don bosco Onitsha technical department

A new book on Marriage By Fr Matthew Adetiloye

The book, Marriage: A ticking time bomb; Breaking the Cycle of Breaking Marriages, is an informed effort to educate those planning to wed as well as those married to prepare adequately for a life-long relationship in marriage. The proverb that says happy marriages are made in heaven is a myth; rather a happy marriage is a product of hard work on the parts of the couple. The title of the book is a scary metaphor of how a beautiful union like marriage can evolve into a bomb designed by the couples which eventually explodes resulting in divorce with all its pains to the couple and collateral damages to the children and extended family. Inbox me if you want to order for yourself or friends you know!

don bosco Onitsha update

 don bosco students working on practical technical skills in the school new hostel construction